How to Lease a Safe Deposit Box

When you rent a safe deposit box, it is possible for more than one person to open it. When the box is leased, more than one person can have access to it. Each individual is considered a co-renter and is given their key to access the box. The key can be stored with the first owner or co-renter. You can also add a co-renter after you've already signed the lease.

While safe deposit boxes can be expensive, they are a great option for storing your valuables. The added security of a vault is worth the cost. It's also easier to remember the code in your safe deposit box if you've lost it. A safe deposit box is more secure than a home safe, but you should still keep it in a secure place, where it's not accessible to children or pets.

When you lease a safe deposit box, you can share the keys with more than one person. If you're leasing the box for a long time, you can share the key with the other person. The two of you can each have their key, and each of you should check the contents once in a while to make sure you're not sharing it with anyone else. The key can be stolen, so you must lock it and protect it.

Some banks have made it possible for more than one person to use a safe deposit box. It's not uncommon for a single person to share a key to a box. Typically, they both have the same ID and are allowed to use the box. Depending on the terms of the lease, each co-renter will have his or her key and can store his or her things inside the box.

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